Week 5B: Companies Target Market

The target market for my company is definitely an older more experienced audience. With the company being in biotech you have to have more experience and know exactly what you are looking for. The Domann Organization is a executive recruiting business that helps place members into companies in the life science field. Therefore qualified candidates have to meet the profile for each company and be an positive attribute. The target market are definitely older clientele who have companies of their own or are looking to become part of another company in the life sciences.

Week 5: Your Target Market

The first difference I notice between Chili's website and Teri Cafe's is that Teri's cafe starts with showing information about their noodles/products. Telling their backstory and where everything originates or comes from. It also mentions how it is homemade and authentic, showing that their food is healthy and made with quality ingredients. I think that Chili's customers are probably people who are looking for a quick and inexpensive bite, while Teri's customers are probably wanting to have a little nicer meal. Based off of the websites as well I think that Teri's looks a little more mature, while Chili's seems to be more appealing to a younger demographic ranging from teens to young adults.

Overall I believe both restaurants can appeal to all age groups but that based off of first impression Chili's seems less formal and more like a quick cheap bite, while Teri's seems to be a higher quality. Teri's website seems more experienced and formal wh…

Week 4B: Urls/Responses

Replied to:
-John Giger
-Marc Rodriguez

Two sites that I use frequently are and
Tigermist being a clothing site effectively set up their page to promote their products and navigate it to get to the different items you are looking for. While Spotify being a music streaming site does a good job of showing what they have to offer through their music selections and search tabs. Both pages include search bars which I feel is important for quick access to what you are looking for, as well as having pull down bars with options for navigating their pages. I come back to Tigermist because it is easy to find the products I am looking for as well as them being responsive and reliable with any questions or concerns I have. With Spotify I come back because they're constantly updating their music library adding more daily and staying up to date. As far as improvements I feel as if both sites are up to date and don't have any "noticeable" flaws.

Week 4: Aesthetics, Design, and Branding


The first website I chose was Penny Juice. The first potential problem Isaw with the site is that the home page was verydistracting. The colors were very bright and kind of off putting. I also thought that the site didn't look very professional compared to other websites that I have seen before. It looks like it was put together pretty quickly and is kind of sloppy. Another thing that was a bit confusing was the name/brand logo, it is not clear from looking at it what they're selling or what the product is. As a customer I would be confused looking at the page, especially the order form. I think they need to set up a more effective website layout and way of ordering their product. It would help them clearly advertise what they are trying to sell and most likely help them with sales because it would be easier for customers to check out. 


With Head Hunter Hairstyling I personally do not like how their home page …

Week 3B: Business Websites

Vevo -, can be found on twitter, snapchat, instagram, facebook, and google+.
High use of all social media pages/apps. Last instagram post: 2/13/18. Uses social media well, especially to gain exposure for their music and videos. Higher use of instagram and facebook over snapchat.

Capitol Records -, can be found on instagram, snapchat, twitter, youtube, facebook, and Spotify. Up to date on all forms of social media, posting frequently. Last post on social media was 2/13/18. Being a record label they need to be up to date and posting content for exposure and awareness. Effectively shows off label and artists and promotes company.

Spotify -, can be found on instagram, twitter, and facebook. Post are relevant and revolve around todays music and musicians. Last post 2/13/18. Spotify posts frequently especially promoting todays on the rise artists. Does a good job of showing wide array of music and artists offered…

Week 3A: Social Media and Business

When purchasing products or items from a business they typically send you follow ups regarding wanting a review of the item or service. Therefore if something is to go wrong you can reach out and try to resolve the issue. Most of my experiences with reaching out to a business to learn more about it or resolve something have been pretty good. Although I have noticed for more well known companies they take longer to reply, and don't always understand the point or what you are trying to get across. This can be frustrating but is understandable as they have higher traffic on their sites. 
I believe that using social media to get noticed or for problem solving can be easier. That doesn't mean it always is but it can be. I think that once you put something into the public eye that they feel more pressured to make sure that there is a fix to the problem to ensure they only have positive feedback. For example if you were to leave a review on yelp or under an instagram post people woul…

Week 2A: Social Media Discussion

I believe that social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are geared more for personal use than for business. Although both sites/apps can help advertise products and share it with others, they seem more personal because people tend to post their thoughts or photos of themselves. People are also more geared to follow people and content they want to see, which is usually lifestyle posts or so on. I also don't believe the initial intentions of either sites was for advertising or promoting of businesses.

For businesses I have seen the use of Facebook and Yelp the most. People are able to leave reviews and rate the companies through these two sites and apps, and therefore I think they're a little more efficient because people are getting reviews and insights from people who have tried "products" or services from these places. I believe that word of mouth is the most efficient way to build up a rep for a company, and that by having reviews from real people it ensur…